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National Managing Body 2017-2019
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Measles Catch UP Campaign

Measles is a highly infectious disease that kills thousands of infants & young children every year. The infection has particularly affected to those who are malnourished and death occurs. Measles can be prevented through vaccination which also gives long term immunity. Government of India has introduced measles Vaccine in National Programme which has helped in to decrease the burden of the disease in the country.

GOI is conducting Measles Catch-up Campaigns as a part of global effort to reduce measles morbidity and mortality. Target age group of this campaign is 9 months to 10 years children irrespective of their previous measles vaccination status or measles infection. Indian Red Cross Society in Uttar Pradesh is supporting this initiative of MOHFW GOI in 14 districts. In each district Red Cross is working with a coordinator and 50 volunteers. Red Cross with the help of its trained volunteers is focusing on social mobilization and sensitization of parents, teachers, Principals, children, community leaders etc. Pamphlets, Handbills, Posters, Banners are being set up & distributed, street plays & rallies are also being conducted to generate awareness among the people on the importance & need of the second dose of Immunization.